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The safety and security of exhibitors and visitors is a priority.

A group of 198 Security Guards from Five (5) different companies demonstrated readiness during the parade at the Trade Fair Centre on Thursday, 16 August 2018. The Namibian Police at the Regional level and Ongwediva Police Station where also present to ensure that no security measures are compromised during the upcoming OATF as slated from [...]

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Marketing Tips PT2…

As we continue to share more marketing and activation tips for exhibitors on how to make sure that they brands gets maximum exposure. In the previous blogs we talked about ways to promote your brand and also marketing tips… 1. Host a wireless charging station at your booth and give them a fun activity to [...]

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Marketing Tips… OATF

S we all know, when it comes to trade fair shows visibility and activities plays a massive role to ensure client engagement. A lot of trade fair goers love to be entertained and also to get free stuff, this is where you need to make sure that to capture their attention by doing a few [...]

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Ways to Promote Your Brand or Product… #OATF18

Brand/Product success is based on consumer knowledge but it will fail if consumers have no knowledge about it. Consumers normally gravitate towards a product/brand they know, that is familiar and available. One of the functions which is particularly effective in promoting your Brand/Product are Trade Fairs. Get out there and make your Brand or Product [...]

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