Marketing Tips… OATF

S we all know, when it comes to trade fair shows visibility and activities plays a massive role to ensure client engagement. A lot of trade fair goers love to be entertained and also to get free stuff, this is where you need to make sure that to capture their attention by doing a few things that will contribute to client conversions. Service is key.


1. Your team must be dressed in clothing that complements your company (shirts, hats, buttons, etc.) is cool, and hand it out.
2. Ask cab drivers, security guards and Trade Fair goers to wear them.
3. Surprise people that are wearing your company branded clothes with a small gift.
4. Have signage nearby, including on transportation and people on the sidewalk.
5. Do a mock newspaper page with fun stories relevant to the show, including one highlighting you.
6. Make a postcard page and put a funny twist on the old ‘stop by and see us’ message.
7. Have an artist make art on the sidewalk for you with removable paint or chalk

There is so much to share but we will share the rest of the tips in the next blog post… keep it locked right here, as we help you to make your experience memorable…


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