Our Logo


  1. Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair is a multi-sectoral trade and business exposition that strives to promote business development and excellence in the exhibition industry and hence our motto, EXHIBITION EXCELLENCE.
  2. The MOTTO is an integral component of the logo in word and design.
  3. The outer gear design of the logo represents movement/integration of trade – THE WHEEL OF INDUSTRY.
  4. The six segments of the outer gear represent the exhibition structures of Ongwediva Trade Centre (Queens Hall, King Kauluma Hall, Headmen Hall, SME Hall, Open Stands, Future New Hall).
  5. The arrow (like) design in the middle of the logo(s) represents forward/advancement – EXHIBITION EXCELLENCE.
  6. The “four segments, which together portrays an arrow, individually represent exhibition and exhibition cubicles or stands in diversity.
  7. The dynamic illustration of the leopard denotes the history of the host town and therefore a trade mark of Ongwediva – ONGWEDIVA, THE VALLEY OF THE LEOPARD THAT SHARES THE STRENGTH AND MAJESTY.
  8. The colours used were denoted from the corporate colour schemes on the logo of Ongwediva Town Council.