Ways to Promote Your Brand or Product… #OATF18

Brand/Product success is based on consumer knowledge but it will fail if consumers have no knowledge about it. Consumers normally gravitate towards a product/brand they know, that is familiar and available. One of the functions which is particularly effective in promoting your Brand/Product are Trade Fairs. Get out there and make your Brand or Product known

There is such a wealth of opportunities at trade shows to promote your brand, products and services that you offer. It is all about face to face interactions, display of products, services and most of the attendees shows a genuine interest.


These opportunities should not be let go as this can lead to a successful sales lead or possible conversion.

Ways to Promote Your Brand or Product

Have banners at your stand, campaigns to give away prizes, competitions, demonstrate a product and also brochures to give information. Have a theme for your booth and make it interesting with eye catching signage and have engaging elements at your stand to attract possible clients.

Set Goals for you and for your trade show team by creating a list of objectives, this will help everyone to focus on achieving them.

Advertise your attendance at the trade show through your website, social media, print media, TV and though emails. Ensure to advertise all activities you will be having at your stand during the trade fair and let them know where you are located for easy access.

Having interactive Competitions is a great way to attract clients to your stand. Always choose a prize that relates to your brand, product or service you provide or that has broad appeal to potential clients. You can generate possible leads by asking attendees to fill in a survey because this is also a great way to gain information on prospective clients and follow-up shortly after the trade show.

Make sure that you don’t run out of important flyers, brochures, business cards, and promotional items. Realistically, not every attendee will visit your booth. Always ensure that staff members representing you brand are knowledgeable and encourage them to interact and engage with attendees.

Network! Network! And more Network!
There are thousands of customers at these shows looking to connect with like-minded Brands/Products. The networking sessions at these events should be considered as a time to sell your product, talk about the services you offer and give an opportunity to customers to raise their concerns.


Move around, Don’t Hide
When moving around gives you time to see what your competitors are doing and also how they have displayed their promotional materials. This also gives you the ability to see what is capturing people’s attention and ways to improve your own exhibit experience for customers.

These are some of the ways how you can boost your brands visibility and accessibility towards trade fair attendees… Do not hold back at all…

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